The Technology used for Generation Animation is as follows:

iPad Mini 2

We are using iPad Mini 2 to shoot each frame of animation and the built in microphone to record dialogue and voiceovers.

Apple overs special pricing for individuals or teachers buying iPads for educational use. Click here for educational pricing.



To help steady the iPads and keep the camera as still as possible we are using GorillaPods to hold the iPads so the kids can focus on making their work, not keeping the iPad still.

These are available from Amazon. There are different sizes for different tablets and cameras. Click here for the direct link to the GorillaPod suitable for iPad Mini 2.gt_gpstand_protablet_ipads_left_sq_1


Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.53.46


We are using iStopMotion to shoot all the animations. This app has a great introduction to Stop Motion Animation video for beginners. The App allows you to output video suitable for playback on most devices. The app also has the benefit of ‘camera overlay’, showing you the frame you have just shot and the frame you are about to shoot at the same time.

You can read about it here. And Download it here.




We are using iMovie to finish the animations. This app allows us to add more than one sound (soundfx, music, voiceovers, narration etc) to the animations and to extend the animation timelines where necessary.

You can download it here.




We are using Garageband to add sound to the animations. This app allows us to add pre recorded music and sound effects and to manipulate these to fit our animations. We have also used Garageband to record the voiceovers, narration and dialogue.

You can download it here.





We are using celtx to storyboard our animations before we make them. This app allows us to tell the story visually before doing all the hard work of animation. Celtx allows us to check if we have enough images and if our story makes sense before we animate it.

You can download it here.